Care Guide


What should I do when I receive my new WITHIN mat?

Thank you and welcome to the WITHIN family!

We recommend using a wet wipe or damp cloth to wipe down your new WITHIN mat before use. That's all and enjoy creating beautiful memories #withwithin.


How can I smoothen the crease lines?

To ship as economically as possible to you, all mats are folded to an optimal size and packaged in an eco-friendly cotton drawstring bag.

Due to the folding, there will naturally be crease lines. To smoothen out the crease lines quickly, we suggest laying it out under the sun for a couple of hours. The heat will loosen the crease lines naturally.

Also, simply using the mat will ease out the creases over time.


To keep your WITHIN mat crease-free, we would suggest laying out flat to use daily, or hanging it up if you would like to store.



How do I clean the mat?

Most messes can be wiped clean using a wet wipe or damp cloth.

For stubborn stains, spot treat with care (such as using baby oil or mild soap). Always try the cleaning product on a small section first to test. Do not use products containing acid or chlorine.

If you would like to sanitise the mat, regular anti-bacterial wet wipes works well.

Do ensure that the mat is completely dry before storing to prevent any unwanted mold. 


Can I wash the mat?

WITHIN mats are made with the intention of not adding on to the (already piling) laundry load. Please DO NOT machine wash, DO NOT iron, DO NOT bleach and DO NOT dry clean. 

If your WITHIN Classic mat is very dirty, you may hose down with water and dry with a cloth immediately. However, we would not recommend doing this for the WITHIN Signature mats as they come with metal snap buttons that may rust when in contact with water. 


How should I take care of the mat?

WITHIN mats are made to be durable and fuss-free. If there are any stains or spills, clean the mat promptly with a wet wipe or damp cloth after use. 


What items should be avoided on the mat?

To prevent an ink stain, please avoid markers, pens and acrylic paints. Also, do avoid scissors and other sharp objects as they may cut the mat. Some sunscreens (especially mineral sunscreen) may stain the mat. Highly pigmented items such as food and beverages may also stain the mat. Do wipe off promptly if there is a spill. Please be mindful of these items as we cannot be held responsible for any damage down after the mat has been used.