What is vegan leather?

Our double sided vegan leather mats are of synthetic material that gives the appearance of genuine leather. It does not contain any animal by-product making it completely vegan on both sides. WITHIN mats are also cruelty-free as we do not test on animals.

The surface layer of the mat is coated with polyurethane (PU) which is a soft yet durable material. As such, WITHIN mats are not only buttery-soft to the touch, aesthetically pleasing, but also water-impermeable and easy to clean.


Will WITHIN Signature mats prevent my child from climbing out?

WITHIN Signature mats are designed to minimize mess (such as small loose parts) from spilling across the entire floor, and to prevent staining of your flooring or carpet. It is to help parents spend as little time as possible on cleaning up. However, the mat is not meant to "trap" the child inside due to safety concerns. We also encourage parents to take the opportunity to bond with your child during playtime, or to be able to supervise them from nearby. The WITHIN Signature mat is designed to encourage imaginative play without parents having to worry about the mess. 


Will the sides of the WITHIN Signature 170 mat stand upright when the sides are snapped up?

Specifically to the WITHIN Signature 170 mat, each side measures approximately 10cm in height when snapped up. A lot of research has been done to determine the ideal height of the border to ensure a good balance of keeping as much mess as possible within the mat, while at the same time, not causing a child to feel "trapped" within a certain space. The sides are made with a degree of flexibility to prevent a child from tripping over accidentally. Therefore, as it is not a hard border, the sides will not stand upright 90 degrees, but sufficient enough to serve the main purpose of preventing mess from spilling off the mat.


The longer sides of my WITHIN Signature 170 mat do not seem to stand upright. What should I do?

As the mat has been packed compressed for a while in order to ship economically to you, do open the mat and lay it flat for a while to soften the crease lines. After snapping up the 4 corners, adjust the 2 shorter sides inwards (as shown in the picture below), then the weight of the 2 longer sides will cause it to stand more upright. To further reinforce the longer sides, do bend it flat down inwards and press along the fold lines.  

Do note once again that the mat is not made with a hard border (otherwise it will not be able to fold small and be portable for versatile usages), thus it is normal that the sides will not stand upright 90 degrees. However, it will still be sufficient in preventing most mess from spilling off the mat.

Girl playing at IKEA sensory table, Signature 170 catching any mess

What is the difference between the WITHIN Signature 170 and Signature 150 MatTray™?

One key difference is the size. The Signature 170 measures 170cm x 115cm, while the Signature 150 measures 150cm x 115cm. 

Furthermore, as we seek to continually improve the design of our products, we have made some amendments to the newest Signature 150 MatTray™ such that the sides of it stand better than the Signature 170.


Can I do water play on the mat?

WITHIN mats are water-impermeable, thus liquid will not seep through. Do enjoy play time with some liquids (such as pictured below).

However, the WITHIN Signature MatTray is not meant to be a baby pool. Please DO NOT fill it up with water.


What are the colours of the snap buttons?

All our Signature MatTray come with snap buttons. For Camel Oat & Oak Sage, the buttons are in gold. For Pebble Cloud, Terrazzo Rice & Sage Oak, the buttons are in silver.


Does the mat come with any carrying bag?

Yes, each WITHIN mat is packaged in an eco-friendly drawstring bag. As a company, we are conscious that our products and packaging are made with our next generation in mind. We consciously choose eco-friendly packaging materials and decided to include a drawstring bag so that you can bring your mat along with you on outdoor adventures, such as to the beach.



What currency is used on the WITHIN & CO website?

All orders on WITHIN & CO are processed in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

For your convenience, we have a currency converter at the bottom footer panel on our site which will automatically convert the price to your local currency. However this for an indication only, as all orders are processed in SGD. Kindly note that while your cart will be displayed in your local currency, you will checkout using SGD at the most current exchange rate. This is the reason your confirmation email amount may differ to the amount on your bank statement.


How can I get in touch with you?

If you have any queries or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at hello@withinandco.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



I am interested to be your stockist. How can I find out more?

Thank you for your interest in joining the WITHIN & CO team as a stockist.

We are interested to work with stockists worldwide. Please email us at wholesale@withinandco.com with the following information, and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

- Company Name
- Instagram Handle
- Website
Thank you.